How to Setup iCloud Carddav on Snow Leopard 10.6 讓10.6也可以使用iCloud通訊錄

Took me awhile to find this out.

1. Create an Account in Address Book 5 with CardDav Setting

Password: password

It doesn’t really matter what you entered, we are going to change from Configuration.plist

2. Close Address (Apple Key + Q)

3. Open Terminal

4. cd Library/Application\ Support/AddressBook/Sources

5.  ls -l (search for the latest updated directory)

6. cd [the directory name]

7. nano Configuration.plist

8. Ctrl + W (Search) servername

9. Change the servername <string> by entering this format

<string> your icloud id xxxxxx/principal </string>

10.Change username <string>


11. Ctrl + X and Save

12. Open Address Book, iCloud should be Syncing!

How to find my iCloud Unique ID?

Please have a look here!


25 Responses to “How to Setup iCloud Carddav on Snow Leopard 10.6 讓10.6也可以使用iCloud通訊錄”

  1. 1 Antonio

    Great job figuring this out! What do you replace the pXX. with? Thanks for your help

  2. 2 zbotnik

    Are you sure this worked for you? I’m not getting anything, don’t think it will accept the URL-coded @ (@).

    Also, what format is your iCloud account ID in? 10 numbers, or XXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX

    The latter goes for that folder you pointed to, within Sources.

  3. 3 jfBLOOM22

    This is not working for me either. Error from console: 10/31/11 10:05:52 AM[25943] 2011-10-31 10:05:52.813 mobilemesyncclient[25944:3c8b] PROPFIND /Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Clients/.client (FAILED), httpStatusCode:508, errorType:100, transactionState:5, txnId:1E06C832-E5B3-42EC-86C3-8B9DC7D59928, auto-retries=0, manual-retries=0

  4. 4 Kevin


    Great work! I got Address Book to collect iCloud data, however for me not all the contacts appear in the correct groups, in fact are removed from the groups and also every time it syncs it appears to duplicate the cards. I started with 154 cards and I’m now at over 840 and counting each time it syncs which are just duplicates of existing cards. Luckily though the duplications are not being synced back to iCloud and subsequently the iPhone.

    Any ideas ?

  5. 5 Alexander Chen

    You have to know which iCloud server you on, usually is 01-10.

    @Zobtnik @jfBLOOM22
    Yes, I am 100% sure, I’m running on 10.6.8, It synced address book with my, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPad2 & 1

    The format should be around 9digits, you must entered the wrong id

    ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/Sources/[iCloud Account ID]/Configuration.plist

    Its in the Configuration.plist

    I had similar issue with my Calendar or Address before.
    but, you won’t see the duplicate items on

    What I did is i delete all my address book and calendar from OSX 10.6

    and add the Caldav and Carddav back, let address download the fresh cards.

  6. 6 Alexander Chen


    Try remove all account from Address Book, and add the address from, then setup the address book on osx 10.6, should solve the initial problem.

  7. 7 srp

    Doesn’t work for me I’m afraid. Seems to set up the account in AB but no contacts are downloaded from iCloud.
    1. How do I find out which pXX number? Trial and error?
    2. How do I find out what my icloud id is? If I don’t know it I can’t type it into the plist file. (So far I’ve just put in the id that was set up for me when I synched iCal).
    3. When I set up the account I have 2 CardDAV entries in the left hand pane, one with the normal brown AB icon with @ on the cover, and the other a blue one with i on the cover. Is this correct?
    4. Please post a copy of your plist file so I can compare it with mine and check the syntax is absolutely correct. Obviously I don’t want to see your password/isp/id etc.

    @Jody - if you edit the plist file so that the HaveWriteAccess key is 1 instead of 0 you will be able to add cards to the CardDAV account on your Mac - it will enable the menu commands File > New Card, New Group etc.

    Personally I think the reason it seems to work for some and not others is because we are not all connecting to the same CardDAV server, and CardDAV is implemented differently depending which one you connect to.

  8. 8 Marc

    A couple of points that might help some people.

    1) I used the same iCloud pXX server than for iCal
    2) I manually re-entered my password under Addressbook-Preferences-Accounts-iCloudAccount
    3) I disabled synchronization with Google under Addressbook-Preferences-Accounts-On my mac

    Since I did 2) and 3) at the same time, I don’t know what caused it, but it suddenly started to sync my contacts with iCloud.

    This seems to work fine, with the exception that no pictures are synced?


  9. 9 ventje853

    I get this error (in dutch):
    “De CardDAV-server heeft een fout (404) voor de gebruiker ‘’ geretourneerd.


    In the configuration.plist file I use as servername

    Still not working. Any hints?

  10. 10 Mark

    Thanks for the tips here and on I got this to work BUT am having the same problem as Kevin — every time it Address Book on my mac (running 10.6.8) syncs, it creates duplicate entries on my mac. Seems to me that it is linked to items that are in groups and/or have pictures associated with them. So far not creating dupes in the cloud. Not sure how useful this is if I have to keep running find duplicates in address book.

  11. 11 srp

    Managed to finally get AB to synch with iCloud, thanks to help from J-Dubya who posted on Macrumors
    But I am also getting the duplication problem, and can find no way to stop it adding multiple copies of each contact to the CardDAV account on my MBP. Additionally, the contacts in my iCloud AB keep getting deleted. Fortunately I have a backup, but it is a pain to sort out because it needs an iTunes synch to get them back to the cloud.

    I don’t know whether it is possible to add anything to the Configuration.plist file to stop this happening - all I can suggest is that someone with a working 10.6.8 setup posts a copy of their plist. It might even be worth looking at a plist from 10.7.2 as well.

    So, for me and quite a few others, it doesn’t work properly, and probably won’t unless Apple sort their CardDAV implementation out.

  12. 12 Alexander Chen

    The weir thing is the duplicate items only shows in AB not or iOS devices. I had a few problem with Calendar before, I rebuild the calendar (export then deleted all calendar, re-imported, it works fine).

    I did this with my AB, it works for couples days, once I changed from my iPhone, AB created a extra revised version. it seems icloud created another Key ID for revised item.

    Has anyone try icloud Carddav on different address book system (e.g. Windows or other carddav?)

    Thanks everyone!

  13. 13 Tim

    Worked for me after some fiddling - even with Google contact syncing enabled. But I needed to add a space in the password field in Address Book Settings to get it to sync. (Using my password in that field didn’t work.)

  14. 14 Pearl Davis

    It is a extremely interesting post, appreciate sharing! There are many blogs about this topic but this 1 states just what I think at the same time.

  15. 15 นารูโตะ

    It’s good to be brought down.

  16. 16 Tomek

    Interesting that after setting up everything, I get error stating that host is not found:

    The server “” could not be found on the network. Verify the account settings in Address Book preferences.

  17. 17 Dave

    I got AddressBook to sync using this method, however it leaves your password in clear text, so I took it back off. There has to be a better way than to append my password to the username for everyone else to see.

    Thoughts anyone?

  18. 18 Mike

    Thanks for the write-up, it worked for me with one exception. It keeps duplicating some cards, and strangely enough it is only cards which have a website field listed. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

  19. 19 Mike

    The contacts that are duplicating in my address book are ones which were pulled in from social media sites automatically through another calendar app. Not sure how to stop it though.

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